"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I spent a day at a very nice hotel near Gloucester. It coincided nicely with a weekend spent visiting Dad, just outside Bristol. The reason for the hotel visit? Well, it was a workshop to help prepare counsellors to apply for accreditation with the British Association for Counselling and Paychotherapy, otherwise known as the BACP.
I am already a member but this is the next step and, yes, it does, on the face of it, seem a little excessive to need to go on a workshop in order to be able to fill in the aplication form!
However, although I wasn't really looking forward to it, I did find it helpful and it has given me the push I needed to start the process. It is lengthy and time-consuming and has to be done just right, otherwise you are 'deferred' and have to pay another £70 to resubmit - that's in addition to the initial £210.
What I am finding, however, is that doing it is more interesting and satisfying than I thought it would be and it certainly makes me reflect on my practice, which can't be any bad thing...
I say this now, but how I shall feel at the end of it all is another matter.
Ah well, What is it the RAF say?
Per ardua ad astra!


Silverback said...

Considering the amounts they charge, I guess the typo for their association link was understandable !!

Jennyta said...

Thank you, Ian! Bet that made your day! ;)lol

jay said...

Oh, I hate all that paperwork, and then to have to pay for it! Gah!

But when it's all done, you'll be a little further along the road to where you want to be, and that's the important thing. Did you at least enjoy the day at the hotel? LOL!

Jennyta said...

Yes, Jay and I met some nice people. The journey home was another story..!

tagskie said...

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