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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

An adoption is announced

Paddy (Reserved)

· Border Terrier Cross
· Approx. 5 - 6 yrs
· Male
· Small Size
· Moderate Grooming Requirement
· Moderate / High Energy Levels
· Re-home


Paddy arrived at the rescue underweight and a little nervy; gradually he is gaining weight and developing his personality.
He has a calm nature and is generally quite placid. He desperately needs an owner who has time to give him some much needed TLC. Once he has gained condition, confidence and his true terrier nature develops he will need a moderate to high level of exercise and mental stimulation to satisfy his needs. Paddy needs to be in a calm environment with no young children so that he can have the space he needs to adjust to family life.

There's a whisper that this little fellow may soon be coming to take up residence chez Jennyta. How about that!
PS. Anyone looking for an animal to rehome in North Wales, just head over to this site and take your pick.


Yorkshire Pudding said...
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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why is Paddy wearing a tartan teatowel? If he must wear a teatowel, how about "Castles of Wales" or "The Yorkshire Coast"?

Flighty said...

I'm sure that he'll you give lots to blog about! xx

Jennyta said...

I'm sure he will, Flighty!
YP, he was apparently very undernourished and thin when he arrived at the centre, so needed to be protected from the cold. I thought I might make him one with leeks and daffoldils on it. :)

Elder Daughter said...

I want one!!! does he get on with chickens???

Jennyta said...

I'll let you know. :)

J.J said...

What a sweetie!

Jay said...

He looks like a sweet little fellow! Good for you! :)

Me, I fancy Wolf! He has the black nose like my Princess! Maybe he's a cousin of some sort.

Jennyta said...

Thanks JJ. Jay, we had to go for a small(ish) dog to please Keith. He prefers ankle-biters. (Not literally!) But this little fellow is gorgeous.


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