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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

National Shed Week

I think someone on Radio 4 said, on Sunday, that this week is National Shed Week. If this is true, it will probably be of great importance to Younger Son.
When he was in his teens, YS was very keen on animals, so eventually we had 13 rabbits, various mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, chipmunks, chinchillas and probably many other small furry creatures that I have now forgotten about. (Notice I am not including the water snake in this, as that belonged to Elder Son.) Oh, and then there were the fish, lots of them in the huge pond that he constructed, so huge that I had to tread water whenever I hung out the washing.
However, the link to National Shed Week is that YS had three of them. Birthday and Christmas presents tended to be shed-related for a few years and, as well as providing homes for the multiplicity of small animals, they provided a valuable opportunity for him to learn and develop carpentry, building and electrical skills.
So, I hear you surmise, he's probably got his own pet shop by now. Well, actually no; he works in an office. But he does have an allotment, presumably with at least one shed on it.
Funny how things turn out...


  1. Sorry Jenny but I think that you must have heard it wrong as National Shed Week starts on the 6th July!
    Never mind as it's good to have an early reminder about it! xx

  2. Did the small creatures shed their fur? I wouldn't shed shedloads of tears for them if they did. Enough shed!

  3. Well I was half asleep when I heard it, Flighty and didn't bother to check, I'm afraid.
    YP, get back to marking those piles of books!!!

  4. Don't know when National Shed Week is but it made me smile. What is it with men and sheds ???

  5. Keith's shed equivalent is his van, Rosie. :)

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  8. Hear hear Jenny... Send that mob around! (Just HAD to check out what he had said).
    Notice he was going to try and post the comment anonymously. I suppose you should give him some concession for signing his name...

    My younger son has always been keen on animals - he has just started his Master's in parasite behaviour.

  9. You're right, Katherine. Until I noticed the name, I thought my stalker from last year was back!

  10. Jenny,
    Honestly, that "Anonymous" comment was definitely not from me. Having met you I know how youthful you are and to me age is just a number anyway. Some devious intruder has been masquerading as me.



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