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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A car with a poltergeist

I've had my 'new' car for four weeks now. It's a silver Renault Clio ("Papa!" "Nicole!" - remember the advert?) and I've been running around in it quite happily, including a trip down to Bristol one weekend, but this Saturday morning it was very cold (Remember that, it's a clue) when I set off to the bank in town. I was aware that the heating didn't seem to be working at all and by the time I got to town, my fingers were in pain inside my gloves from the cold.
"Just my luck," I thought, "a car with faulty heating."
I pulled into the car park, parked, got my ticket, stuck it inside the windscreen and set off. Seconds later, I heard a sound like a car struggling to start behind me. As I didn't remember noticing another car near mine, I turned round. The bonnet of my car was gently vibrating and there were strange groaning noises coming from it. I walked back, cautiously.
A car with a ghost?
I stood in front of it just in time to see brown liquid running out from between the wheels. There were gentle clouds of steam above the bonnet.
My thoughts at this point do not bear repetition but were along the lines of "Oh dear, there seems to be a big problem here, which could even result in my losing yet another car."
A quick phone call to my knight in a shining (converted)ambulance and Keith arrived within minutes to inspect the damage.
"There's no anti-freeze in it," was his diagnosis.
Now what idiot second-hand car dealer sells a car in November, having had it MOT'd and (apparently) serviced, with NO ANTI-FREEZE in it!!!
Fortunately, no damage was done and my car lives to drive another day.
Not sure I can say the same about the car dealer when I get my hands on him!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I advised you to get a Micra but you wouldn't listen! Headstrong as always.

Jennyta said...

Well, there you go, YP. We wimmin is headstrong!!

gemmak said...

Good grief!!! Says it all about second hand car dealers doesn't it, never did have much faith in them...to say the least! Thank goodness no harm was done. I look forward to the story when you regale said dealer with your thoughts on the matter! ;o)

Jennyta said...

This is actually someone who puts work Keith's way so I guess I will have to be careful. :(

jay said...

Ooops! Glad you didn't kill it!

Yeah, you'd think it'd come with anti-freeze, wouldn't you? Doesn't surprise me, though.

Dale said...

Can't imagine a winter here without anti-freeze. I'm glad no permanent damage was done. Was it leaking out of the frost plugs on the engine block, then? Or was it less serious than that?

Jennyta said...

I certainly would, Jay!
Dale, you are asking a mechanical illiterate! I have no idea but I am very relieved that no damage was done. ;)


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