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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Desirable residence for sale

Well, the sign is up (Ar werth is Welsh for For Sale) and we have received the other photos and details of the house to check over. This is the information which will be given out in leaflets to anyone who shows an interest in chez Jennyta. Reading through it, I was struck by the mediocrity of the description. 'Damned with faint praise' is the phrase that sprang to mind. Could they not have said, 'Internal viewing strongly reccommended' and scattered a few 'delightfuls' around? I know it's not a country mansion but it's not bad, you know!

The other thing that annoyed me is that the estate agents require sight of, for example, our passports, driving licences, utility bills, bank statements - choose two from the above to prove that we are who we say we are. It's getting to the stage now where we practically have to undergo a CRB check to undertake all but the simplest of operations.

I mean, do we look like squatters???


Jay said...

Since you aren't in the picture, I can't tell if you look like squatters or not! LOL!

I bet you don't though. I can't imagine why an estate agent would want your documents... that's really weird!

Good luck with the house sale!

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Jay. We're quite respectable looking, honest!

Rosie said...

I asked the estate agents why they needed to see passports etc. when I moved a few years ago. They told me it was something to do with money laundering. Can think of easier ways of laundering money than living in a house for 5 years.
Fingers crossed that it's not long before you sell your 'delightful' home

Jennyta said...

Me too, Rosie. I didn't even bother going into that with my estate agent. I thought I had been quite obstreperous enough for one day! ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I mean, do we look like squatters???

Well, err, yes! Hardly typical "Town and Country" clients!

Jennyta said...

Love you too, YP!!!


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