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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, July 18, 2008

One smoking cigar

There have been many times when I have listened to news items on TV or radio and had difficulty in believing what I was hearing. There have been times when I've sneaked a look at the calendar to ensure that the date was not April 1st, but this evening, I was rooted to the sofa in disbelief as I heard this item about the Welsh Culture Minister, Rhodri Glyn Thomas. This is a man who has made one or two gaffes in past weeks, admittedly and is reputed to be a bit of a character, so he must have done something REALLY serious this time because he is telling everyone he doesn't expect to be still in his job by the end of today.
What he actually did was to light a cigar outside in the designated smoking area at a local pub and then absent-mindedly wander back inside with it still in his hand, although he immediately went back outside when his mistake was pointed out to him.
Naturally such an action must surely rank alongside robbery, violence, fraud, you name it and obviously the dastardly villain should not only lose his job but be hung, drawn and quartered.
You know, just when you think things in our world can't get any more ridiculous, hey presto - they do.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

What is a Labour politician doing smoking cigars anyway? Park Drive, Number 6 or a tab end but not ruddy cigars! That's what toffs smoke!

Jay said...

I've never smoked in my life and cigarette smoke - let alone cigar smoke - makes me cough and wheeze, but ... GAH!! This is just messing with people's civil liberties.

I'd have no problems with a smoking room in pubs. You know, properly vented and smoke-extracted, with a heavy door that would swing shut to keep the smoke in. Or even - *GASP* - designated 'smoking pubs'. But no, publicans aren't allowed that option. Some PC idiot up high decided that we aren't sufficiently mature to make our own decisions. And it makes me sick. Sicker, even, than cigarette smoke.

Jennyta said...

That's the problem I have with all this too, Jay - the Nanny state strikes again. The fact that this man has been forced to resign over a minor mistake such as this (cf. all the wheeling and dealing, sailing close to the wind etc that has come to light over the last year or two) is appalling.
YP when did you last see Number 6????

gemmak said...

Don't start me on the smoking thing!!

As a smoker I am only too well aware of the 'carrying-ons' since last July! I am only too happy to not inflict my smoke on others, despite standing out in the cold not being overly conducive to a relaxing evening in the pub (or wherever).... but I do draw the line when I am told by some opinionated, recently 'jumped on the bandwaggon' do-gooder that I shouldn't be smoking in the street either because he has to 'walk past my smoke'! Can I assume then this guy doesn't use a car or any fossil fuel either!

Ok, think calm thoughts...ommmm....

Jennyta said...

Did you ask him that, Gemmak? ;)


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