"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A lovely day

We had two ports of call yesterday, Keith and I - both in Sheffield.

Our first one was exciting. I was going to meet the famous Yorkshire Pudding, he of Blogger fame! Yes, really! YP has written his account of our meeting on his blog, and you may want to pop over there to check it out first before reading on.

Isn't it strange how two people can have such different experiences of a meeting! This is how the conversation went as recorded on my secret tape recorder...

As we pulled into the car park of The Sportsman, I recognised YP straight away. Brief introductions followed and we sat down to our drinks.

YP: Eh up then.

Keith: Bora da. (And to Shirley) Bora da, cariad!

Me: Eh up tha sen, lad. (Not for nothing am I a regular watcher of Emmerdale! I can speak the lingo like a native!)

YP: Eeh, by the 'eck, it's reet hot the day, lass.

Me: Is it eckaslike! It's nobbut a middlin' fair day. Tha dusn't know what heat is, lad! Tha should come ovver ter Wales, lad. Happen tha might get a bit of a suntan then.

(Keith subsides into silence - he doesn't speak Yorkshire.)

YP: Eeeeeh, nay, lass. I know reet well what tha gets up to in Wales - with t' sheep an' all...

(A suggestive silence follows.)

(Keith, recognising the word 'sheep' comes out of his reverie.)

Keith: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, isnit?

Shirley: And what might that be, then?

YP. (Placing his hands over her ears.) Hush tha mouth, lass, tha's 'ad a sheltered upbringing. Tha doesna need to know.

As you can see, YP's fanciful account is far removed from my 100% accurate one, but there you are.

To be serious though, Keith and I really enjoyed meeting YP and his wife, Shirley and we were made very welcome. The only problem really was that salad was off the menu, and that, as you can imagine, was indescribably disappointing for Keith. He had to make do with a large mixed grill instead. YP, equally disappointed, made do with a curry. So, eventually, as YP has recorded, he and Shirley went off to buy tomato plants and Keith and I continued on to our second venue of the day, which was the home of Elder Daughter, who was celebrating her birthday (a special one with a zero in it) with a barbecue. We had a lovely afternoon with her and her friends and I tried to get used to having a daughter who had now reached that special age, which was quite difficult really, as it doesn't seem long since she was new to the world.

Keith took a photo of ED and me but ED has put the blocks on that and refused to give me permission to post it, so I can only show you a picture of her garden and the fantastic views of Sheffield from her house.


Shakespere said...

Liked your blog. Enjoy life.

J.J said...

Excellent dialogue there Jenny!

Jay said...

My, how differently people see things! LOL!

As I said over on YP, I can only wish I'd been there! Hmm.. Sheffield isn't THAT far from my humble abode ....

No, no - don't run away! I didn't mean it!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Eee Jennyta tha's a reet un! Ah's just off oot wi me whippet for t'stroll dahn ti pub fer sum tripe. At last ah can cum oot n stop pretendin' ahm an educated hooray Henry. Si thi!

Jennyta said...

Jay, we'll invite you next time!
YP - the very thought of tripe makes me feel sick. You disappoint me, sir!
JJ and Shakespere, glad you liked it.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Tripe lass wi sum unyuns n vinger zreight neece. Ahl send thi sum int powst. Mindya - tha can allus talk tripe! Madgeorritee of these ere bloggers do!

Jennyta said...

Eh up lad! I 'ope tha's not including me an' mi faithful fellow bloggers in thi sweeping statement!!Tha'll 'ave a few reet angry folk round at thi door if tha's not reet careful!
(PS. Posting and commenting at 5am? Gone midnight? Dus tha niver sleep, lad? Happen tha needs counselling!)


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