Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day tripper?

I was on my way to Chester yesterday, bowling along the A843 when, coming in the opposite direction, I spotted a green Routemaster double decker bus and, if the destination board were to be believed, it was on its way to Patchway.

A further coincidence is that Patchway, which is in Bristol, is quite near where I once lived as a child.

So this bus was going along the A483 to Patchway, Bristol. Taking the scenic route, obviously, and it might explain all the long, frustrating hours I spent in my youth waiting for non-appearing buses. They were late because they had gone via the A483!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sure it wasn't just a flashback?

Glad to hear you are Sheffield-bound on Saturday. I have never met anybody I have linked with through blogging. I mean - it's not how you traditionally meet people is it? However, if you were up for it and you had the time, it might be a nice thing to do - even possibly with our spouses. Are you staying over night or bombing back?

Jay said...

LOL! And that one's been lost ever since!

Daphne said...

Now THAT is a Proper Bus. By 'eck, they don't make them like that any more.

Jennyta said...

Too true, Daphne.
Jay, I think they all used to get lost when I was waiting for them!
Sounds good to me, YP!

Jay said...

I haven't met up with anyone I got to know through blogging, but I now go to the US once a year to visit with friends made on the internet boards. Other Half comes with me to make sure that they're not axe murderers, but none have been so far. LOL!

Jennyta said...

That sounds more exciting than going to Sheffield, Jay. (Oops, better not let YP see that!)

kahte said...

nice bus...your trips sound exicting. you have a nice blog


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