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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BT - Is there anyone there?

We pay our BT bill by direct debit but this month, it seems that the money was not in the account when BT wanted to get its mitts on it, so on Tuesday, when I picked up the phone to make a call, I couldn't. I was invited to 'press 1' if I was the account holder, but I wasn't so I couldn't - they wouldn't have wanted to talk to me.
When Keith came home in the evening, he got straight onto it, got through to the relevant department and, after a long wait, spoke to a nice man with an Indian accent, who told him that he couldn't take a payment from his credit card and was all for sending him to the post office. (?) However, after a further conversation, during which Keith informed him that he not only could but was definitely going to take a payment from his credit card, the deed was done and normal service promised within the next 24 hours. This conversation had taken half an hour.
Yesterday, the phone was still not working so he tried again and again was left hanging on for half an hour but this time, he was then cut off.
Today, still no phone, so I had a go. I went through all the menus, choosing every permutation of choices I could in a vain effort to get to speak to a human, but no joy. I went online to try to find a phone number to try but still with no success, so finally, I dug out the paperwork for the business connection, chose a number from that at random and dialled.
Success! This time I actually got to speak for a 'real person' and within 10 minutes, our phone was working again.
What a performance. Total time spent on the phone trying to sort it all out - one and a half hours!


Silverback said...

Aren't we all glad that ET never landed in the UK and came up against BT.

The poor kid would still be here !!


Daphne said...

You would think, wouldn't you, that BT, who deal in telephone communication, would realise that people actually want to speak to a human being.
I am turning into one of those people who start sentences with "Why Oh Why" and it is all the fault of organisations like this one.

Jennyta said...

Too right, Ian
Daphne, I often feel I'm turning into one of those 'grumpy old women' (OK, less of the old!) but these days, customer service means nothing.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If you're short of a few quid to pay your phone bill, I might be able to help out. I didn't realise how quickly someone can plunge into financial destitution after retirement. So sorry to hear this tale but thankfully BT finally revealed their warm-hearted attitude towards senior citizens.

Jennyta said...

I'll send the begging bowl over immediately, YP. ;)And any more age-related comments from you, me lad, and I'll send the heavy mob over too!!!Bet you've never been clobbered by a zimmer frame before, have you?


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