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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, October 19, 2007


My class has been doing Design and Technology (D&T) with the PPA teacher this term but today was to be devoted to finally making the glove puppets they have been designing, practising sewing for etc. The PPA teacher had asked me to change my PPA time to this morning instead of this afternoon for this week, so I didn't arrive in class until just before the afternoon session. I had had a couple of frantic texts at break-time from my teaching assistant, which I replied to in lighthearted vein - after all, she couldn't really mean that she was nearly bald from tearing her hair out, or that, at lunchtime, I would find her hanging over the railings in a desperate attempt to escape...
Suffice it to say that we got through the afternoon, although hysteria did threaten at times. Had these children EVER held a sewing needle in their tiny hands before?
So we had L. who had obviously decided that he didn't actually want to make a puppet anyway and so reported that his embryo puppet had gone AWOL during lunchtime. The sum total of his day's work was to stick the eyes on the front piece of felt.
C.'s idea of sewing seemed to be to close his eyes, point the needle at whatever part of the puppet it touched first and stick it through - no neat sewing round (or even anywhere near) the edges of the felt for him!
A. thought that decorating the face of his was infinitely preferable to doing battle with needle and thread, so he spent most of his time carefully placing the features on the face of his puppet, although he somehow failed to notice that he had ended up with about 6 eyes, 3 mouths and a couple of noses. I sewed his myself.
Then there was S. who must have used half a pint of glue sticking the eyes on his puppet's face. I disposed of the sodden felt and cut out a new outline for him.
Still, it's half term now. Freedom for a week!
And, you know what? I'll actually miss that class when I leave at Christmas.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why have all the kids in your class got X-rated names that cannot be written on the Internet? I mean what is wrong with the names Shithead, Arsehole and Lovehandle? I thought they were very popular in The North Wales/Cheshire commuter belt.

Also what is a PPA teacher? Is that one of those East European immigrant asylum seekers? Don't they know that most of the asylums were demolished years ago?

Jennyta said...

The children in my class are anonymous because, with my luck, if they weren't, some of my parents would be sure to track me down on the internet, YP. PPA is that precious time in the week that we poor, overworked primary teachers get for Planning, Preparation and Assessment. But, of course, you secondary teachers get free periods every day, n'est-ce pas? ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Oh yes! The free period where one jumps in one's Mercedes covertible and zooms off to the nearest pub or massage parlour depending on one's mood. I think you are right to be cautious. At my school there have been some issuues around a teacher's Facebook site where she has posted pictures of two drunken teachers at a party and this has got round some of the older pupils - not me I hasten to add as I have never been drunk in my entire life. Just say no!

Jennyta said...

Did you ever see the Beiderbecke Tapes/Connection/Affair? They were secondary teachers and they were always jumping in their car during free periods and whizzing off somewhere - not a Mercedes though...


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