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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still busy

I am still alive and kicking, in case anyone should be wondering - and still up to my eyes. The phrase 'running to stand still' springs to mind! Three weeks into the term and I am getting into school at 7.40 and not leaving till 5 or 5.30pm, which is OK except that I am then going home to another few hours as well as doing yet more for most of the weekend. It is a situation I promised myself never to get into again when I went for voluntary redundancy three years ago and I feel frustrated that the job still spills over into most of the rest of one's life, instead of being able to be contained within a reasonable proportion of it. Not that I am alone in this. Most teachers I know or know of are in a similar position and the only reason that things were more manageable last year was because I had such a small class.
This year I started with 28, which have now increased to 30, of whom six are on IEPs (Individual Education Plans), which means extra paperwork and another half dozen could easily join them and, although they are Year 2, a large proportion of them find it difficult, if not impossible, to work independently.
On the plus side, this Saturday saw the start of my advanced diploma in Gestalt counselling, which should give me a window in my week to take my mind off the world of primary education.
Happy days!
Oh, and the conservatory is coming on nicely. Photos to come shortly.


Daphne said...

Oh, how your account of the teacher's workload takes me back with a frisson of horror to when I was teaching, years ago. I used to teach English in secondary schools and the amount of marking was ridiculous, not to mention the paperwork - - and PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN aaaargh - very cute but all that "Miss, I've got to the bottom of the page, what do I do now?" stuff - - Oh, hats off to you and to all teachers!

Silverback said...

Glad you found time to post, Jenny.

As a teacher you are a star in my book.


Mick's Page. said...

Oh my gosh Jenny what are you doing, you are digging the same hole that you managed to escape from three years ago and yes I remember that time as well.
Is this really what you want again, dare I say “A sucker for punishment”.
Your position now seems to be a ‘permanent primary school teacher’ instead of a being a supply teacher, is that correct?.
Good news about your Gestsalt counselling diploma.
Looking forward to seeing the photographs of the new conservatory.

Jennyta said...

You are quite right, Mick, but just now, I need the loot! Hopefully, when my counselling work gets going, I can say goodbye to school.

Jennyta said...

Thanks for your support,Ian. :)

Daphne, I have to say that, given the choice, I would choose primary every time. All those secondary hormones and 'attitude'!! Ugh!!


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