Sunday, September 30, 2007

The conservatory decorated

Yesterday I forgot about school preparation, marking, etc and decorated my piece de resistance - the conservatory. The problem now is that, since the builders have been in, what is left of the garden is a bit of a mess, but I think it's going to have to stay that way until I have time to do something about it. Here are a couple of photos of it, taken yesterday after I had finished. And yes, my painting skills have improved somewhat since I tackled the ground floor of the house last year. :)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hey, that looks brilliant! A lovely addition to your home space. Well done to you and to Keith for pushing the boat out to achieve this little domestic dream.... As I am under a lot of stress at present re exam results, I may be one of your first "clients" in the conservatory! Please be gentle with me Mrs Whiplash!

Jennyta said...

Stress re exam results? I can identify with that, having a class of 30 of which of a third have a writing level of W. I think we might have to counsel each other!

Dale said...

Lovely, Jenny! So bright and cheerful with all those windows. I was wondering if it might be a bit difficult to heat in the winter, but I don't suppose your winters are as nasty as ours.
Sorry about the stress levels at work. The lady I'm seeing is about to begin a career in teaching. She's already taught me a thing or two. LOL!

Silverback said...

It's lovely and I hope you have many years of pleasure from it.

I like the conservatory too !!

Bet you can't wait for summer. Remember those ?


Jennyta said...

Summer would be nice, Ian. I'm still waiting for it.

Dale, tell her not to!

Mick's Page. said...

Hi Jenny.
Wow - very posh Jenny, I like it, it will get even better once you have ‘stamped’ your personality on it.

Is your house north, south face looking, I am thinking of Summer sunshine - [OK I know what sunshine?].

I hope you spend many happy hours in there, relaxing.

JustSue said...

Love the conservatory! Colin and Justin would be proud!


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