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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome to Sheffield!

Well, having just threatened to go and sort out good old Yorkshire Pudding for supporting male chauvinist pigs, by going over to Sheffield, on second thoughts, maybe I won't. We did go to Sheffield in July to see Elder Daughter for the day. Younger Daughter, Elder Son and his children were there too, so we had a very enjoyable day. However, we did have a few problems getting to her house, even with the GPS because several roads were closed, presumably becaue of the floods Sheffield had suffered a couple of weeks before and there was little advance notice each time, which necessitated a lot of turning around and 'doing a uey' as Keith likes to say, especially as, each time we were approaching a closed road and I informed him, he decided to press ahead anyway, just in case it was open after all. (Another MCP?)
But our main problem, although we were unaware of it at the time, was that, on our way home, again negotiating a different-from-usual route, we apparently commited the heinous crime of...wait for it...Driving In A Bus Lane!!!
Obviously there were no buses anywhere in sight, otherwise we would not have been in the bus lane and, being unfamiliar with the area, neither of us noticed any signs telling us not to drive in it. All immaterial as far as Sheffield City Council are concerned, as they have sent us a penalty notice and a fine of £30.
Unfortunately, if the fine is not paid within 14 days, it then increases to £60 and, of course, the notice came while we were away, which means that we have to pay £60.
So it will be a long time before we venture into Sheffeld again!


Alfie said...

My Mum and one of my sisters live in Sheffield (well, just outside to be more accurate)...

Whenever we used to go over to see her, because of all the hills, the kids always puked up - sometimes over themselves, sometimes over me. They hated that journey so much that they refused to go with us any more.

The last time my Mum saw the youngest was about 3 years ago at my Dad's funeral. So she got a bit of a shock when he went with me 2 months ago as a 16 year old to help cut her garden down - instead of a white faced, sick weedy youth he is now a strapping 6 footer and still growing - and has, thank God grown out of his car sickness ways....

Jennyta said...

Well, Alfie - it's Yorkshire. What do you expect! ;)

Snowbabies said...

It's not often we venture into the centre of Sheffield, it's a nightmare at the best of times!

I can't say I've ever seen a bus lane, probably because I don't open my eyes until we get to the other side!


Jennyta said...

So there is obviously not a very clear indication that cars should not drive in them, then.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

There seems to be an assumption in most British cities that if you are driving in them you also live in them. Signposting is generally terrible. I am so sorry that your recent Sheffield experience was spoilt by those nasty officials. Please come back. The current mayor is a close friend of mine and I can arrange a civic reception for you and Keith as a mark of the city's sorrow followed by a public flogging of the official/cop who caught you in the bus lane. The swine!

Dale said...

Sixty pounds! Is that what they meant when they spoke of "Sheffield steal?"

Silverback said...

And I thought bus lanes were 'up for grabs' outside of rush hour times. I'll have to treat them with more respect in future - a bit like when I enter North Wales ! Speeders beware.

I've lived in Leeds for over 30 years and I've still to visit Sheffield. Maybe I'll take a trip one day - by bus of course !


Jennyta said...

As well as the public flogging and civic reception, can you also arrange for the fine to be rescinded, YP? I await a prompt reply. Remember, Sheffield NEEDS profligate spenders like Keith and myself!

Jennyta said...

Dale, you could have hit the spot there!

Silverback, you are right. If you go even slightly over the speed limit over here, you are immediately hung, drawn and quartered (metaphorically, of course.) I fell foul of Brunstrom's Bullies shortly after moving to north Wales. George Orwell got it so right!


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