Monday, August 06, 2007

Jenny's guide to Italy

Tongue in cheek, no meant to give offence to any Italians and admittedly generalisations:

1. Italians are not nearly as polite as the French. Your friendly 'Buon giorno' is, sadly, just as likely to attract a blank stare as to initiate a response.
2. Every Italian is convinced that the road belongs to him/her and will not hesitate to hoot at anyone they think is infringing that right.
3. Italian coffee is lovely.
4. Italians talk faster, louder and more excitedly than any one else.
5. It is amazingly difficult to find shade in Italy in the heat of the day.
6. Keith was determined to kill the next Italian driver who hooted at him for nothing.
7. I managed to persuade him that time spent languishing in an Italian jail would not be worth it.

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