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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, June 02, 2007


So what's been going on chez Jennyta since my self-imposed silence?
Mainly a constant round of work, counselling course, counselling placement, supervision for counselling, plus the usual shopping, housework etc squeezed in as and when. Oh and looking for a teaching job for September.
In fact I have only applied for two so far, neither of which resulted in an interview. There have been other jobs advertised but gone are the days when I will consider a 2 term temporary cover for someone's maternity leave which, in addition to teaching (it's what you're there for, after all), requires the lucky appointee to 'engage in the full life of the school' which means being there 24/7 to run after-school clubs, attend PTA meetings etc and, in one case, to take children on a residential trip. There was also one small village school which I went to visit where the head teacher mentioned most of the above but added 'cleaning the toilets if necessary' to the list.
There are other schools too, which send you a job description and details of the school which, reading between the lines, amounts to:
'Our children regularly swing from the lights and need to be tied down in order to have any chance of learning. How good are your karate skills?'
Shelf-stacking at Tesco's is beginning to look like an attractive option!


  1. Hello Jenny! It's good to see you blogging again.
    Good luck with finding a descent teaching job.

  2. Hurray! You are back! Regarding job opportunities in North Wales - why not set up a mobile massage service? Much easier than teaching and the clients would be most appreciative in their lonely hill farms. You could have a van with "Jennyta Unlimited Intimate Massage Service" on the side. Keith could be your driver. Just a thought.

  3. Thanks, Flighty. Hope all is well with you.
    YP - hmm, maybe we'd better leave it as just a thought! :)

  4. there used to be a van that parked in a layby on the A1 offering that service YP. It was closed down so there's a gap in the market there jenny, bit of a commute though...

  5. As you say, Arthur, a bit of a commute. And you know about this van because.....?

  6. I would be insulted if at this point in my career "scrubbing toilets" became part of my duties...unless of course I was applying for the position of a toilet attendant, in which case...



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