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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Going round in circles

I have now done 92 of the required 100 hours of my counselling placement, there are 5 weeks to go to the end of the course and at last, I feel the end is in sight. Now my only predicament is what is going to happen teaching-wise next year. Ideally, I would like to work part-time whilst getting underway with counselling, setting up privately. If I get a full-time job, that would be better finiancially, but time-wise, I would be meeting myself coming back, as I have this year, particularly as I am determined to do the advanced Gestalt diploma in September and would also like to do a mental health course.
Mind you, it could all be academic as up to now, I haven't managed to get a job for next year, full-time or otherwise, so I could well be back doing supply. Now this would be OK except that it doesn't provide a regular income and.....
You see my problem!


  1. I'm sure that it'll come good in the end for you.

  2. You will get there, have faith!!


  3. Yes you do have a tricky problem and may I suggest an online counselling course from Professor Y. Pudding of Sheffield who is an expert in mental health issues. For each half hour online counselling session you will only need to pay a small fee of £49.99. A home visit (when Keith is away) only takes ten minutes but is usually judged to be most invigorating.

  4. Now why did I bother doing 3 years counselling training when I could just have come to you, YP??? And for the 'small fee' of £49.99!!! You Yorkshiremen don't have a reputation for being 'good with money' for nothing! ;)

  5. Hello, Jenny, thank you for your comments on my blog. Good to find another blog to read and I look forward to reading more: anyone who likes North Wales and Tubular Bells has got to be a Good Thing.

  6. Thanks, Daphne. Nice to see you over here.



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