Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New carpet

If all goes well, the new carpet for the living room will be arriving and being laid, but of course, that is dependent on the furniture being out of the way. Most of it is easy enough, except...and regular readers will be able to pre-empt me here...except for NASA, with its ton of cables nestling underneath like a mini mount Snowden.
"Would you like to start clearing the shelf?" I enquired, very reasonably, I thought.
"Not likely! You must be joking! What??? No way, Jose!!!" was the gist of the reply.
"The problem is," I continued, still being reasonable, logical even, "the carpet can't be laid unless that corner of the room is cleared."
"I can do it tomorrow," he said plaintively.
Watch this space...


Dale said...

Sounds like Keith is a good candidate for The Procrastinators' Club. I, too, am a member. Our meetings are held every Wednesday. Or second Wednesday. Or Thursday.

Jennyta said...

Keith actually has an idea for when he gets to be prime minister, Dale. Random days. So days would not necessarily follow each other in their present order. You could end up with a week of Sundays - OR Mondays!

Snowbabies said...

These sort of tasks need to thought through and studdied, you can't just rush in, it's always better to wait until tomorrow ;-)



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