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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Right hand turn

On Thursday afternoon the two Infant classes are taken for dance by a visiting teacher. Today, the teaching assistant and I were watching them running round in a circle and she commented on the fact that she had noticed that children always tend to run anti-clockwise if not directed otherwise. This led to my wondering aloud if this phenomenon is similar to that of water going down a plug-hole. Perhaps in Australia, children run clockwise.
So, I'm asking Michelle and any other readers of this blog who hail from the southern hemisphere, if they could do a little observation for me and let me know whether my theory is right.
Then I can write a thesis on it and get world-wide acclaim...
Oh, all-right, perhaps not, but it would be interesting to know!


  1. Excuse me but I find it rather condescending to refer to your support worker as simply "the teaching assistant" - as if you were talking about a piece of chalk, a dry wipe marker or some other classroom utensil. Teaching assistants have names and lives goddamit just like you and me -even if they are all educationally subnormal!

  2. Actually, YP, she's HLTA but I thought a lot of people wouldn't know what that was. :)Now I won't be able to let her near my blog in case she sees your last sentence!!!

  3. I wonder if the direction in which they run differs with whether they are left or right handed?

  4. Could be because it is always thought that customers going into a shop always turn right but I tend to turn left.

  5. Kids have been going down the drain here for years, Jenny.

  6. Ooooo now i am curious! I shall watch when i pick "A" up from school tomorrow. The young ones play and run around near to where i park my car so i shall watch eagerly!
    I wonder if the left/right handed thing adds another variable?
    "A" like her dad, is right handed however both of them play sport..ie..golf..tennis....throw...left handed! They both have killer back hands and play racquet sports alternating both hands!

  7. Oh dear, it's getting a bit complicated now, Michelle. Looing forward to your findings. :)

  8. Ok, i did it!
    Its true! I observed a bunch of kids playing on the school oval. LOL, they were all running anti clockwise. They also favoured their left sides when they were jumping...stepping etc. How bizarre!

  9. thanks for that, Michelle, it's really interesting to get another viewpoint.



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