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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dalmation, please

I have to dress up for school on Friday. Not that I don't make the effort every day, you understand - smart casual and practical usually, but this is for Book Day. All the children and staff are expected to appear on Friday morning dressed as a character from a book. In the past, I have fallen back on my stock in trade St Trinian's schoolgirl - short(ish) skirt, black, holey tights, oversized shirt (I can borrow that from Keith, of course), backcombed hair or red wig, black nail varnish and an overload of orangey make-up. Something like the photo, in fact.

However, this time I might have a change. Cruella de Ville, I thought - a touch of elegance. All I need now is a dalmation. Any offers?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Regarding Book Day - may I suggest that you go dressed up as that classical French heroine "Emmanuelle" from the nineteen seventies novel/film script by Emmanuelle Arsan. The costume would be very simple - think Adam and Eve - and it would go down well with any house husbands delivering their sprogs to your school. Just a thought.

Craigy Baby ! said...

That's a bit of a cheat Jenny, as you won't need to dress up (and I don't mean the elegance bit you scary woman !!!!!!)

Jennyta said...

You're a bit late, YP - Lady Godiva has already been suggested. 2 problems there though - hair not long enough and no horse. ;)
Craig, you are lucky I hadn't seen this comment before our course this morning!


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