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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, February 02, 2007

The ankle - further news

On the 11 month anniversary of the Breaking of the Ankle, Keith had an appointment with the specialist - or one of his minions, anyway, who told him that the pain he is still suffering is because the joint has now become arthritic. Two solutions are possible:
1. An ankle replacement
2. For the joint to be fused, which would result in far less pain but would, of course, mean that he would have no mobility in it.
So an ankle replacement would seem to be the best choice, except that he thinks it unlikely that anyone will do it because of his existing vein problems.
When he broke his ankle, he was coming back from the shop where he had just bought a bottle of whisky and a large cream sponge cake, neither of which he was supposed to be buying - you'd think it would have put him off both for life!
Dream on...


CraigyBaby ! said...

Jenny, I think whiskey and cake is probably the best reason for going through such pain ! At least it wasn't done doing something trivial like saving a person from a burning building ha ha ;)

By the way, you looked beautiful last night when we had our meal in the pub (now THAT will get your bloggers talking lol !)

Jennyta said...

Wow! A compliment??? Muchas gracias, CraigyBaby. Sorry, I'll just have to go and lie down to recover from the shock. ;)

Michelle said...

Jeepers, since Keith broke his ankle i have had 3 other friends break theirs...a worrying trend it seems. They've also had a difficult time in their healing, it can't be a great bone to break :(

Jennyta said...

No, Michelle and Keith broke his in three places - never does things by halves!


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