"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Enough is enough!

I'm not generally renowned for my patience but I think in this respect, I have demonstrated a reasonable track record, but enough is enough.
I'm talking about a character who imaginatively calls himself 'anonymous' and who, after spending many hours trawling through my blog decided, a little while ago, to 'entertain' us with a range of snide, vicious and vacuous comments. Now I have this belief that people are entitled to their opinions and obviously. the comments box on a blog is one of the places where opinions can be aired but most people tend to confine their comments, however loosely, to the content of the post in question. Furthermore, and 'anonymous' will have great difficulty understanding this, the vast majority of those who do leave comments, tend to be polite. So for all of you out there who do take the time and trouble to leave comments, may I just say how much I enjoy reading them and responding to them. (Yes, even you, YP and Craig! :))
I have been quite amused by the efforts of 'anonymous' and I have appreciated the counter-comments of other fellow bloggers and friends but now I've had enough. One recent comment asked me why I don't block him as it spoils the reading of this blog, so I have decided that, as from now, I shall delete any comments made by this person.
Anonymous, you are of the opinion that I am a sad, over the hill has-been who can't write to save her life and whilst this may or may not be true, to me IT DOESN'T MATTER! I am happy in my life and I have only pity for you, my friend, because you so obviously are not.


  1. Yay!!! Finally!!!

    Well done Jenny, couldn't have put it better myself...

    Anonymous - you are still a malicious little wanker.

    I would like to think that this would stop you from leaving nasty little messages on other peoples blogs but somehow I doubt it....However, at least those who read this one won't have to put up with them any more....

  2. The school yard bully makes the switch to the internet. Ignore him and he will go (a "Field of Dreams" in reverse!) lol

    Hope you're having a great weekend Jenny!

  3. Hey what's this with the "even you YP!" Have I offended you in some way my sweetness, my border-crossing bunny girl, nursemaid and masseuse of the noble Keith! I am a sensitive soul and this "even you" has hurt me as much as being bracketted with Craig, who - by the way - often disguises himself as that nasty chappie - Anonymous - one of the evil Sons of Glendower!

  4. it can't be very nice having someone like that popping up all the time jenny. Maybe he'll get his own blog and you can spam him back.

    signed sad over the hill has been!

  5. Iatros and Sue, thanks for your support.
    YP, PLEASE don't be offended! My intention was to assure you that I really enjoy your comments. (Retires weeping to the chaise longue.) But do you REALLY think Craig is Anonymous in disguise? I shall personally pin him up against the wall and beat the truth oout of him next time we meet! (Searches frantically for heavy blunt instrument.)

  6. Arthur, I think you may well be almost the only sane one amongst us.:)

  7. Huh ! The cheek of it ! Just because I use the same colour crayon as Anonymous to write my name on here, it doesn't mean we use the same pencil case thank you very much (or should that be 'basket case' for Anonymous ?) I know YP's game, Jenny - now you've brought out the teacher's cane he knows it's me or him to go next in your 'Zero Tolerance' campaign so he wants me bumped off first lol ;)

    On a serious note though, well done for eradicating the little sh1t - once the shock factor was experienced with his comments, he then became very predictable and very VERY boring ! Perhaps he needs to meet your Psychoanalyst therapist from Sunday - she'd eat him for breakfast !!!

  8. I am sat here in shock that someone could be so cruel and nasty.....

    Jenny make sure you change your comments you people have to leave their name.....

    As for that nasty man or maybe woman I hope they go and rot in hell, who gives them the right to be nasty to anyone, they want to look at themselves first...

    Ps I love reading your blog, its fantastic and dont let anyone tell you different....

    Debbie xx

  9. Good for you! I've nothing but contempt for people like this.

  10. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Debbie and you too, Flighty.
    Craig, how many times do I have to tell you, you NEVER write in crayon. Now go and sharpen your pencil...

  11. Jenny, well done you for making a stand.
    Like 'justsue' said earlier, anon is quite obviously a schoolyard bully type and for him/her to call you sad is hypocrisy at it's strongest.
    I really enjoy coming on here and reading your blog, and I respect you for not letting him bother you.
    Youre right to be amused at him because the immaturity is laughable.
    Keep blogging, you have lots of fans and no matter what any intruders may say, your writing skills both in blogging and in the novel you wrote are superb and you're a truly lovely person.

  12. Good on ya Jenny.

    I may not comment often, but I remain a regular reader. In fact it was after reading your blog back in 2004 that I decided to start my own.

    Anon, you're a twit!

  13. Wallo and Greg, what can I say? Just thank you so much. Your comments really mean a lot to me.

  14. Sorry I've not been here of late, I seem to have missed all this but just the same I agree with you wholeheartedly that whilst this is a forum in which others should be able to express an opinion, when that opinion is merely the idiocy of someone with little better to do it is best ignored....or deleted! ;o) Well done for taking the decision.

  15. Thanks, Gemmak. Nice to see you over here again.

  16. Like Gemmak, I've been away for a while. I've never understood the work that some people put into proving that they are a pillock and then not not even claim 'credit' by remaining anonymous. As a teacher, you'll appreciate the reverse of the old saying, in the blogger sense, those who can do, and those can't carp. Anonymously. Keep at it girl.

  17. Just to test your defences I dropped by as Anonymous and left a witty but not unpleasant comment and yup, sure enough, you deleted it. Where is this little creep? Where is he/she/it hiding? Come out you woodlouse, you scrap of toilet paper, you mean excuse for a human being and I will give you a right pasting on behalf of our goodlady Jennyta!

  18. Thanks for your comment and your visit, SP.
    YP, congratulations! You had me fooled although it did occur to me that the comment I deleted was not quite as acerbic as Anon usually is. :)



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