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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Teacher? Oh dear.

CBT course is going quite well. We have now completed 4 weeks, so only 6 more to go - not that I'm counting, of course. There is a spare Thursday evening in my weekly schedule just crying out for a short course on mental health - that will be from this week if all goes well, but back to the CBT. The tutor has it registered firmly in his brain that I am a teacher, the only one in the group and, guess what? 90% of his examples of irrational behaviour and dysfunctional thought processes seem to relate to teachers.
Of course, like the gentleman that he is, he turns to apologise to me each time but actually, I find myself having to agree each time that the behaviour he is describing does indeed seem to be common among teachers but... I am beginning to feel got at.
An irrational thought process of my own, perhaps?


  1. When you're a teacher you expect to be targeted from all sides - politicians, press, parents, kids and yes CBT tutors too. I say sod em all and let them see what it's like to have a full timetable teaching kids from deprived estates year in year out - kids who may often spend their leisuretime getting pissed, intimidating old ladies or vandalising bus shelters. Sod em all. It's easy to be a cleverdick when you're standing on the outside looking in.

  2. Very true, YP and, that being the case, it's easy to see why so many of his clients are teachers.

  3. Hang on, CBT ISN'T Computer Based Training? I thought, with your background.......

    Duh. Well, what IS it?

  4. You'd think that a tutor with so much "life experience" can find other examples to use other than teachers. I mean, there's a world full of individuals out there - you can't seriously tell me that teachers are the only people to spring to mind, and I personally think it's rather rude and insensitive to keep coming up with these examples when you are present. To do it once is forgiveable, twice is careless, but week after week is pushing it a bit.....

  5. You are quite right, George, it's not Computer Based Training. ;)

    Craig, my shoulders are broad - as you will know!



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