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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pink Day

We had our 'pink' day (Breast Cancer Awareness) yesterday. The children and the staff were all asked to wear something pink and contribute to the cause. I'll pass over the reactions of some of the boys when they first heard, but they were all good sports and came up trumps. Some of us even had bright pink streaks in our hair - but then some of us love any excuse to dress up and act the fool!
"Will I be OK going round Sainsbury's like this after school?" I pondered.
"What do you mean, will you be OK?" asked the Head, who has brunette hair with very stylish red streaks, "I do it all the time!"
So at the end of the school day, I duly dragged my weary bones to Sainsbury's and began to load my trolley. The shop was busy, mostly with annoying people standing in my way gassing to other annoying people, so at one point, I parked said trolley while I went off in search of the pizzas I had previously forgotten.
Back I came, clutching the pizzas to find ...
no trolley.
Up and down I wandered, unable to believe that anyone would have simply walked off with it. What was the point?
Now I was beginning to get a little fraught. I spotted a likely-looking male employee.
"Excuse me, you haven't moved a trolley that I left here a few minutes ago, have you?"
He gave a startled glance in the direction of my head and backed away nervously, shaking his head.
"No, I haven't see it, no, no."
Then the penny dropped.
"You don't work here, do you?"
He looked slightly relieved as he agreed that no, he didn't work here, and continued to back away.
It was at that point that I decided that I'd had enough. Whoever had my trolley was welcome to it. I dumped the pizzas and went home.
Sometimes, it's just better to give up and try again another day.


Greg said...

Did you ever really have a trolley? There's an alarming thought.

JustSue said...

Having just gotten home from "Saturday-before-Thanksgiving" grocery mania - milk, coffee and my-god-why-didn't-I-just-go-to-the-corner-shop; surrounded by wall to wall trolleys, screaming kids and fellow shoppers panic shopping for the few sad looking turkeys left on display - I can truly comisserate.

Did the pink wash out or do we have our very own Toyah Willcox in the making?

Jennyta said...

Greg, don't even go there! :)
Yes, Sue, fortunately it did wash out, although if you look carefully, there is perhaps still a faint aura... or maybe it's my inagination, eh, Greg!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

When is testicular cancer awareness day I wonder... and what colour should we wear then?

Pinching a trolley seems like a time saving bit of cheek. Let some poor sod spend an hour loading it up and down the aisles - then grab it and head for the tills. It would also be rather exciting because each week you'd have new surprises in the trolley. Jolly dee!

Jennyta said...

As far as I know, YP there is no testicular cancer awareness day but there certainly should be. As for the colour - pink for girls, blue for boys! I thought everyone knew that! ;)

Craigy Baby ! said...

Jenny, I am so pleased you've made this entry as I noticed pink in your scalp today (for the benefit of others, there was nothing untoward going on, it's just that I'm 6'2" whereas Jenny's 2'6" so therefore she and my knee-caps are the best of friends !). Anyway, I thought perhaps the pink scalp was from the scouring pad as you were attempting to obliterate the grey hair....... (I have the feeling that you and my knee-caps are to fall out over that comment !) :)

Jennyta said...

How very ungentlemanly of you Craig! Prepare to meet thy doom - next Saturday!

Arthur said...

I'm not sure that person has quite got the hang of things yet jenny. Surely you're supposed to nick the stuff AFTER it's been paid for, not before.

Is the idiom 'lost her trolly' any relation to 'off her trolly'? At least you only couldn't find your trolley, it's my car that I usually have trouble finding after a supermarket visit

Jennyta said...

Same here, Arthur. That's why I always choose cars that have a motif on them. ;)

Shooting Parrots said...

I know exactly what you mean about the gassing shoppers. Okay so they're socialising, but why can't they do it without blcoking the aisle?

Dale said...

Sorry about your purloined trolley, Jenny. You're right, though. Some days it's best not to even try.

I'd have loved to have seen a pic of you with pink streaked hair!

Ellee said...

But it's always worth trying for a cause like this, everybody knows somebody who has died from this.

Jennyta said...

SP - my thoughts exactly!
Dale I'm afraid we didn't get round to taking any photos but if I ever repeat the experience, I'll make sure there is a photo to prove it. :)
Ellee very true.


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