Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chester traffic

Off to supervision for my counselling at lunch-time yesterday. As I still have no replacement for my GPS which bit the dust a couple of months ago, I had to rely on memory and a bad sense of direction.
But that was to reckon without the fact that, this time, there were even more roads closed on my route, so a detour was necessary.
Whenever I have to go to Chester, I hate it a little bit more. Half the roads are closed due to roadworks and the other half are one way. Add to that the fact that the volume of traffic is about ten times too high for the roads available and you have a receipe for, if not disaster, at least very frayed nerves.
And so I found myself nearly 20 minutes late for my appointment, stuck in gridlock in a maze of little side streets, having to pull my wing mirror in on the demand of one idiot determined to drive through where there was no room to drive through and then being shouted at by another for even being there! Mind you, the last word he heard from me in reply was 'hell' and he did look rather taken aback.
I believe there is an ancient law forbidding welshmen to be within Chester city gates after sunset. I would be inclined to extend that to after sunrise, mid-day, midnight, the summer solstice... in fact - just don't bother!


Craigy Baby ! said...

Ha ha ha, Jenny you make me laugh - I can just see the face on the other driver as you curse him ! I am so pleased, and honoured, that I know you - you cheer me up no end :)

Jennyta said...

another compliment??? Are you feeling well, Craig? ;)


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