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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Teen Buzz

There's a new ringtone specifically for teenagers. It uses very high frequencies and so can't be heard by older people as the ability to detect these very high frequencies is something which deteriorates with age.
There was an item about it on the evening news, during which children and adults were interviewed and asked if they could detect the ringtone. The children were able to hear it loud and clear, the adults weren't.
This, I thought, is annoying - another of these age things! So I turned the TV volume up, pressed my ear to the speaker and listened intently............
"Yes, I can hear it," I announced to my sceptic audience of one.
"I can definitely hear it..........I think...................I can, I can, really!"
(Runs in the family, you know, it's in the genes, good hearing. Can hear a pin drop, I can!)


  1. I heard that on the radio today. Er.. seems I didn't!

  2. What's the point in that!?

  3. Wallo, the idea is that kids can text and hear their phones ring in class (when they should be turned off, of course) but the teachers can't.

  4. The Noise was orginally designed to irrate kids and drive them out of shopping centres...

    Full story here, and a chance to listen to the Noise again :o)


    Ciao Ciao

  5. It's wierd, there are so many things that CAN'T be heard by teenagers, like "Get up NOW!" or "Tidy your room!"

  6. Thanks, Fletch. I tried the website and I have to admit, I can't hear the ringtone. I am bitterly disappointed! (Muffled sobbing noises) :(

  7. Oh, beachhutman, I was thinking the same thing. Or how about the word "no."

  8. Hiya Jen, just popping over to your blog for a read!
    I heard about this ringtone from someone else and I downloaded and played an mp3 of it.
    I am 38 yrs old, and I'm pleased to say I heard it very clearly - in fact it made my ears ring! Quite an unpleasant sound. Apparently it is a pure tone of 18 kiloHertz in frequency. I was pleased to know that my ears can still detect it.

  9. That's pretty good, Tom. You realise that that is now the only qualification you need to be a secondary teacher? ;)



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