Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Board dusters, chalk and flying missiles

This post by Krip reminded me of a conversation Keith and I had just the other day. I was talking about various new initiatives in education (let's face it, the last 20 years have produced more new initiatives than most people have had hot dinners!) and we got to talking about punishments and discipline in 'the old days'. Keith reminisced nostalgically about the good old piece of chalk hurled expertly at recalcitrant pupils, followed swiftly by the board duster if improvement in behaviour and attention was not instant. I recalled the dents in the back walls (pinboard) of many of the classrooms in my school caused by board dusters which had missed their mark.
"Of course, I never got anything thrown at me," I boasted.
"I did," said Keith. "My blazer was covered with white chalk marks by the end of the day."
No surprise there then!


Michelle said...

I'm willing to bet Keith never really knew the REAL colour of his school blazer!!
Ahh yes the was used here too. I had a teacher who used to pull students along by the ears! I had another one who punched a kid through a wall! Both music teachers, hmmm i wonder if that means something??

krip said...

And being lifted up on tiptoe by your 'sideburns'.
Ahhhh. Happy days ;)

Ta for the link.

Jennyta said...

Sounds like you had a 'colourful' experience of school, Michelle!
Krip - sideburns????

Dale said...

The rule at my house was this: If you get punished at school, you'll get it again at home. Luckily, I didn't often get caught.

Jennyta said...

Me too, Dale. These days, if the child is in trouble at school it's a fair bet that you'll have aggro from the parents as well if you try to discipline the chid.


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