Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blond and Swedish?

"I hear you are Swedish," said one of the teachers at my present school the other day.
"Who told you that?" I asked in surprise.
"One of the children," she said. "So I suppose you speak swedish, then? Of course, you have got blond hair."
I briefly toyed with the idea of going along with it, inventing an imaginary Scandinavian extended family and then decided it was too much trouble.
"No, I don't know where he got that from," I said.
"Oh," she said, looking at me searchingly as if she didn't really believe me, "But you have got that blond hair......."
(Courtesy of Garnier, yes.)


Dale said...

Sweetish? Absolutely!

gemmak said...

Lol..thatnk heavens for Garnier! ;o)

starcorner said...

I've had that too .... on holiday in crete all the greeters outside the restaurants thought I was swedish or danish!

Beachhutman said...

I once worked with my first wife - we were both teachers at te same school. She was Welsh - her name as Eira.

One day one of the other tachers came up to me with a christmas dinner list or something. I said he could put me down.

"How do you spell your name?" he asked.
"G E O R G E I replied"
"No" he said, "Your second name"
I spelled it. He looked puzzled.
"No" he said, your surname ..... Anira"

It seems someone had said, "Don't forget to ask George and Eira"

Just Sue said...

ROFL!| That is priceless. I had a mental image of the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show as you tried to demonstrate your fluent Swedish! LOL


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