Saturday, April 01, 2006

The job again

We had a pleasant few minutes at my counselling course this morning exclaiming over my imminent departure from my present supply job (see last post if you aren't keeping up!). Such musings as potatoes up the Head teacher's car exhaust were mulled over and it was nice to find that it wasn't just me who was less than impressed by the events of yesterday.
Various thoughts have crossed my mind:

Why did I bother going back to teaching? After all, it has caused me considerable heartache and disappointment over the years. (I could write a book about mismanagement and lack of people skills to be found in head teachers - on second thoughts, don't go there, Jenny. Not worth the angst!)

Why did our wonderful politicians back in the eighties decide to give schools control of their own budgets and then give them too little money to go for quality and experience rather than always the cheapest option?

Why do supply teachers so often get treated like second class citizens?

What other options are there for me to earn a crust which would pay more and provide more job satisfaction than shelf-stacking at Tesco? No, first female Pope is not an option!

Why do I just KNOW that if I applied for a teaching position, the employers would take one look at my date of birth and immediately file my application in the round metal container? (This age thing is such a pain. I feel as if I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming into my senior years. I'M NOT READY FOR IT!!!)

I need to be able to earn a crust during the next 18 months before I qualify in counselling, so I have to stick with the odd days of supply. If anyone has a wonderful brainwave and can suggest something else, please feel free!


Dale said...

I can hear your frustration, Jenny. I'm sorry I haven't any suggestions. Is "earning a crust" the same as earning a living? Daily bread, and all that? Eaking out an existance?

starcorner said...

What about coaching? Surely some primary school kids could do with extra-curricular tuition? I know that's what one of my neighbours does - she had to retire early due to ill health and wasn't really ready to give it all up! Hope the supply work gets better anyway! x

Michelle said...

Starcorner has the same idea as mine. I was going to suggest tutoring. I can't believe schools have control over their own budgets....crazy.

Jennyta said...

Yes, Dale, that's what 'earning a crust' means. Another way of putting it is 'keeping the wolf from the door'- colourful language, eh!

Jennyta said...

Star and Michelle, thanks for your suggestion. I did actually try to get into tutoring last summer, advertised but without success - no enquiries at all. Might just have to go and sell my body. ;) (No!!! Don't go there!!!)

princessfairytoes said...

sorry to hear how badly you have been treated, I hope that the replacement gets pregnant soon so they have to pay out maturinty pay and have to pay to cover, that will teach them.

Jennyta said...

Sounds good to me, Princess!

Greg said...

Don't get me started on how supply teachers are treated (especially those from the colonies).

I'd follow up on the tutoring. It often depends on the time of year of course.

Good luck.

Jennyta said...

I guess you are speaking from bitter experience, Greg. I had lots of dealings with supply teachers in my previous job and I would never have treated any of them in such a way.


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