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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Armed headteacher

The headteacher of a local primary school was arrested last week on suspicion of illegally possessing :

a .9mm semi-automatic Walther P38 pistol,
a .22 semi-automatic rifle,
an Enfield .38 revolver,
a Llama .22 semi-automatic pistol,
a Browning 6mm pistol,
a Webley revolver,
a 49 Samson Luger 9mm.

He is also accused of possessing prohibited ammunition - 190 Blazer rounds and 239 hollow point bullets.

I know classroom discipline can be difficult these days but is this perhaps going a little too far?


Flighty said...


Greg said...

Local, as in local to you? Wow!

Jennyta said...

Unbelievable indeed, Flighty. Yes Greg, a school in Wrexham.

Wallo said...

Well, judging by the standards of the school I attend, this guy might have the right idea...

On a serious note though, itis worrying how many people like this enter the education system in authoritive roles. Quite scary!


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