Thursday, April 13, 2006


I was in the shop all day yesterday. In the afternoon a customer came in with a query about the system he had bought from us in January.
"Who did you deal with?" I asked.
"Oh, the old fellow," he said.
I could feel the irritation and annoyance within me.
"He is not old," I said sternly.
He looked at me as if he didn't really believe me.
"Trust me," I insisted. "He is NOT old!"
He shuffled a bit. "Oh, OK," he said, sensibly opting for the quiet life.
I went to get Keith.

(Of course, when he wheeled himself out of the work area in his wheelchair, the effect was rather spoiled!)


Fletch said...

LOL :o) Sorry if i wasnt meant 2 :o)

Ciao Ciao

Jennyta said...

That's OK Fletch. You're allowed to laugh! :)


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