Sunday, January 09, 2005

Welsh sheep

Although it is not obvious in the photo, these sheep are on quite a steep hill near Llangollen. It is not generally known that, in common with Yorkshire sheep, Welsh sheep who live in hilly countryside have, over many generations, evolved a means of coping with standing on sloping ground by having two legs on one side of the body shorter than those on the other. As a general rule the legs on the left side are the shorter ones, although there is a small number of so-called right-sided sheep, whose right legs are shorter. As there are so few of these, they are held to be extremely valuable and are often kidnapped and sold to collectors for hugely inflated sums of money. Not a lot of people know that! ;)


Sharon said...

But what happens if a right sided sheep falls in love with a left sided sheep? Is their love doomed forever?

Michelle said...

LOL...this so funny!!

Jennyta said...

Come on, be sensible, Sharon. Whoever heard of sheep falling in love?? lol

gemmak said...

Love it! hehehehehe :o)


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