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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Left, right or wrong?

Keith: Just wait till that Camaro is running!
Me: Shall I be allowed to drive it?
K: Of course.
Me: It's going to be a bit difficult though, isn't it. The steering wheel is on the left.
K: No, it's on the right side.
Me: How can it be? It's left hand drive.
K: Yes, but it's right.
Me: No, it's left.
K: No, it's right.
Me: How can it be right? It's left.
K: It's right for that car.
Me: Only because it's American. We drive on the right so it's not right for us.
K: It won't do you any good sitting on the right in that car.
Me: Obviously because the steering wheel is on the left. All I was going to say is that I shall find it difficult having the gear stick on the right.
K: It won't be on the right, it's in the middle and anyway, it's automatic.
Always have to have the last word, men, have you noticed!


broomhilda said...

I have noticed that paricular trait. While smacking them one on the back of the gives momentary satisfaction, I have discovered that there is no reset button to correct the problem. It must be an internal glitch, a processing problem related to the factory installed software and not as of yet upgradeable. :)

Jennyta said...

The male of the species eh? :)

broomhilda said...

Yes, men. I dearly love them. Staked out naked in the back yard over an ant hill smothered in honey. LOL!

Dale said...

Hah! Last word! Last word! Last word!


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