Saturday, November 06, 2004


A couple stood before me in the shop this afternoon, having come to collect their computer which had been in for repair. The job had been done, at some discount as they are longstanding, though difficult, customers but the woman pulled her chequebook out of her bag with exceeding reluctance. The expression on her face was reminiscent of having teeth pulled without an anaesthetic.
Then they wanted to look at a flat screen monitor. Again they were offered it at £10 less than normal price.
"We're good customers. We've spent thousands of pounds with you over the years. Can you do it for thirty pounds less?" asked the man.
The argument that if we did that, there would be no profit in it at all for the business and that we do, after all, have to make a living cut no ice at all.
"Well, I can get it at that price from Argos," was the reply, followed by a rant on what good customers they are and how little appreciated that fact was. It was then pointed out to him that he has also had a lot of support (for issues brought about by his incompetence, but we won't go into that!). This also cut no ice and two disgruntled people stalked out of the shop.
I was left wondering what it is about some people that the more you give them, the more they demand, without a hint of gratitude or graciousness and, secondly, if they feel they get so little satisfaction from our shop, why do they keep coming back because, as sure as anything, they will be on the phone during the week, having messed up the system yet again and demanding free, lengthy consultations and advice. And, guess what, this time, they won't be getting it! The worm has turned!!


Dale said...

Give 'em an inch ...

You must find customers like that so frustrating! While it's true you can use their business, I really doubt you need the aggravation that goes with it. You stick to your guns, girl! Let them go elsewhere for free tech support.

Michelle said...

You may make a few pounds out of pains in the arse like that in the short term, however long term you'll lose. You can't afford to have idiots like that in your shop whilst other customers are there either....i wish em bon voyageeeeeee!

Just Sue said...

"some people that the more you give them, the more they demand, without a hint of gratitude or graciousness"

Phew! For a second there I thought you knew my teenaged son!!

Anonymous said...

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