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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, October 01, 2004

The tale of the disappearing furniture

This morning I waited patiently till midday for my promised call from the person in charge of the furniture department at the store. Then my patience ran out and I called her. So sorry, but no further development - the email has arrived at the warehouse but they still haven't unearthed our suite so now they are pursuing the suppliers, who, she assures me, the store are not happy with. They have had numerous problems with them and are losing custom as a result. Is it being too simplistic to suppose that the solution would be to change suppliers? I didn't ask but I did wonder aloud to the lady at the other end of the phone why it was necessary to communicate with the warehouse and suppliers by email rather than pick up the old fashioned phone. She agreed it would be sensible but had no idea why it could not be done.
"It's the system we use," she said plaintively.
So, here is the situation to date:
13th September - furniture present and correct in warehouse waiting for us to come back from holiday.
20th September - furniture allocated a date for dispatch chez Jennytc
29th September - one item of furniture has disappeared from said warehouse.
30th September - the other item has also gone AWOL.
1st October - store is contacting supplier to check if suite is, in fact, still with them.
Does it remind you of watching a film being run backwards?

Possible scenario on Monday:
Furniture is in fact not in existence. Relevant materials being gathered with a view to constructing it.

Tuesday will no doubt bring a phone call from the woodcutter sourcing the wood for the frame - "Just to let you know, the wood is being delivered to the factory as we speak. "

Wednesday - a pallet will be delivered to our door bearing the relevant materials for us to do a DIY job!
It would be funny if it were not so frustrating!


gemmak said...

Heavens above,......what a debacle, you sound remarkably calm!!

Dale said...

It is funny, Jenny! It's funny because it's not happening to me. Good for you for staying remarkably calm in the face of such bungling. Good luck with all that!

Jennyta said...

I'll be losing my rag on Monday if they haven't got something sorted out by then! lol


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