"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Ever since we came back from France, it seems as if it has been raining. Some days a little, some days a lot, showers, drizzle, storms, gales, thunder and lightning, we've had it all. To look on the bright side, at least I am not still in school, struggling to contain stir-crazy classes of pupils through endless wet playtimes. Come to think of it, given our unpredictable climate, I have never understood why schools in Britain are not built with a verandah so that the children could at least get out for some air on rainy days, but that's another story.
Looking back before our holiday, we don't seem to have had many dry days since Spring either. In fact, I feel as if we are still waiting for summer and it is now nearly winter. Two months from today it will be Christmas, next week-end the clocks go back and we will return to dark evenings and soon afterwards to foggy evenings, frosty mornings and, eventually, no doubt, ice and snow.
Meanwhile, the leaves on the trees are beautiful in their autumn colours and there is an indefinable tang in the air at this time - but not when it is raining all the time! Too much of the wet stuff is beginning to affect everyone's mood. Customers are irritable and complaining, staff (in other shops, of course, not ours!)are impatient and disinterested. To add to the problem, Wales is earmarked for yet more storms mid-week - when will it end!


Toni said...

Autumn has always been very fascinating for me. We don't have that season here in the Philippines so I satisfy my curiosity with pictures and stories from others. :)

Just Sue said...

I guess we were luckier than most, my primary school when I was growing up had a veranda running the length of the building, so at least there were places to shelter - secondary school was another matter all together. But as I recall they kicked us out in the rain for that 15 minute recess regardless of the weather. Many's a day we have sat in class, cold, damp - and no doubt a bit pongy too (m'mmm steaming teenagers!). Of course this was the evil late 70's and early 80's when we also still had corporal punishment. This would probably never happen in today's world. I am sure youngsters today would just roll their eyes at some of the tales we could tell...."And we had to walk 10 miles to school every day, in 3 foot of snow, barefoot, uphill....bothways!"

Elspeth said...

Schools here have veranda's but not to keep the rain off, but to keep the sun off. In fact most places have then. Darn useful if you ask me.


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