Monday, October 11, 2004

Anyone for conkers?

Do you remember playing conkers in your youth? Is there anyone who didn't? Do you have any recollection of anyone being carried off to hospital either because they had been blinded or were allergic to the things?
No, neither do I - either as a pupil or a teacher.
But looking here and here will show you two examples of health and safety gone mad. All a result, no doubt of the current 'claim culture' gone mad. It seems that nothing is allowed to be recognised and accepted as an accident any more. Someone must always be to blame and so someone must always be made to pay in one way or another - usually in the form of substantial amounts of money. And so, the range of activities accessible to our children today is being insidiously eroded.
A couple of weeks ago, OFSTED issued a report claiming to be concerned at the unwillingness of teachers to take their pupils on adventure activities or even the traditional days out. Look at Gemmak's blog for an excellent piece of writing on that.
Oh, and then talk to teachers to see if they believe the claim that if everything has been done correctly, the staff involved will not be answerable!

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gemmak said...

Arghhhh, I read the conker thing, how utterly ridiculous! How long I wonder before our children's lives are restiricted to an intolerable level by these fools, somehow I don't think any of it benefits or truly protects children know my feelings on this one already. Arghhhhh just arghhhhh!


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