Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Last night I decided to be 'clever' and change my comments system to Haloscan - for 2 reasons:
1. Because I have a low boredom threshold and like to ring the changes
2. Because a friend of mine has complained that he can't leave a comment without opening a Blogger account - T.K. - you know who you are!
It's dead easy, they do it for you if you have a Blogger account. Did I want them to back up my settings in case I wanted to revert to them? Well, I supposed I might as well - probably wouldn't need it though. Press the button and hey presto!
Only one problem - the comments didn't work and all my previous comments had vanished.
Panic! Chaos! Confusion! In the midst of all this I received an email and subsequently some helpful support from Gemmak. To cut a long story short and to bypass the muttered comments from Keith about being a blogger 'widower', 2 hours later, all was safely restored to its former glory. Of course, I should have remembered that Gemmak posted on changing to Haloscan comments only the other day and also had problems - but I didn't. Call it a 'senior moment' - if you dare!!!!


magz said...

i swear i'm going to learn this computer stuff before i die of old age or heatrash....looking veryvery nice jenny!

gemmak said...

Lol... it's not you having a 'senior moment'.... its Haloscan. I have repeatedly tried to comment on various blogs in the last few days, all using Haloscan and none of them work!! Blogger may have its problems (I STILL can't delete comments and blogger are not forthcoming in explaining why) but at least it accepts comments which is more than the rival seem to right now :o/

Jennyta said...

Glad it's not just me then, Gemmak! :)

Magz, thanks for signing my guestbook and for your kind comments. Nowhere near your total yet - I'll have to do some 'aggressive marketing' I think! :)


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