Thursday, August 12, 2004

And yet more!!!

They've been reading my blog - they must have been, and now they're ganging up on me. It's an organised assault - on my nerves! This morning's specimen had quietly insinuated itself into the bedroom. There it hung, swaying slightly, on the bedroom ceiling, grinning triumphantly - well it probably was. I didn't actually get close enough to pick up on facial expressions.
I gave myself a very positive talking to. "It's a lot smaller than you," I said.
"It's probably far more frightened of you than you are of it." ("Are you sure about that?")
"It's not actually going to do any harm, now, is it?" ("Yes it is, it's going to move, it's going to travel round the bedroom, it's going to grow into a bigger spider. Maybe, one day it will drop on me from a great height like the ones in our Australian friend's story.")
Well, there was only one thing for it - it was either the hairspray and hoover method (You don't wanna know!) or call in the cavalry. Men - they're just SOOOOO useful! :)


Shrub said...

All this wet weather seems to have driven the big spiders indoors early this year. We don't normally see them until September or October.

I spotted the Mother-Of-All-Spiders in the bathroom yesterday. It did a quick patrol round the floor then disappeared into a chink between the bath and the cupboard.

Jennyta said...

August does tend to be the month for them coming indoors but actually, these are not all that big - it's just that I am terrified of the damn things whatever their size! :)

gemmak said...

There is always the 'chemical spray' method! The stuff you spray your carpets with etc. if an animal kindly introduces fleas indoors. if sprayed all over does a wonderful job of dispatching the spiders also. So to do the commonly retailed 'crawling insect' sprays. Covering your house with these chemicals may not be an entirely healthy option but it sure helps the nerves! :o)

Toni said...

Better that than mice... eek!

Jennyta said...

Gemma, brilliant idea. I didn't know those sprays kept spiders away too. All these years of anguish for nothing!:)
Toni, mice are lovely little creatures! Fancy not liking them - can't understand it :)


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