Monday, July 19, 2004


Yesterday's trip was to Criccieth, to visit another castle here.
Although the core of the castle was built by Llewelyn (remember he of the Beddgelert story?) it was later grabbed by Edward I. (Very rude, these English kings - just barge in without a by your leave!) Keith and I had our photo taken by a nice young lady but Keith didn't like it so it had to be deleted. (He said it made him look too fat - as if!)
From there we went to Portmeirion here, where the cult series 'The Prisoner' was filmed back in the 70's (for those of us who are old enough to remember those halcyon days).
Look here for our photos


Alan Saunders said...

It gets worse; The Prisoner wasn't filmed in the seventies, but in the sixties. I missed it the first time around - too young :-)

Jennyta said...

All-right, 60's then! Actually I thought it was filmed at the beginning of the 70's and I missed it because I was living in Ireland then. Maybe I just had a sheltered upbringing instead :)

alfie said...

THE PRISONER is being repeated at the moment on BBC 3 on friday nights - starting at about 11 oclock. They are showing two episodes at a time - back to back.........

"Be seeing you"

Jennyta said...

Thanks for that.I'll try and stay awake long enough to watch it :)


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