Friday, July 16, 2004

5 questions

I came across this brilliant game on Gemmak. I have to answer 5 questions posed by GemmaK and anyone who would like me to ask them 5 questions posts a comment on my site, making sure to give me an email address to send them my 5 questions. Good, innit?!!
Here are my questions from GemmaK with my answers:

Sorry it's taken me so long but here they are at last!

1. What will you do with your 1st week of new found freedom?
Keith says I am going to put my feet up, drink lots of pina coladas with a straw (I've never had one in my life!) and drink myself crazy. I rather thought I was going to work in his shop! But first I am having a surprise party in my honour. How do I know if it's a surprise party? Because one of the guests turned up a week early on Tuesday evening!

<>2. If you could rid the world (without violence) of one person who would it be and why?

Tony Blair - I have never felt so depressed and cynical about the state of politics in this country at present. See Alfred the OK, 15th July. He says it so much better!

3. What motivated you to blog?

I tried constructing a website through Wanadoo and then decided I would have a go at a blog. I really wanted somewhere to 'rant' about education and other things that matter to me and I also enjoy writing and thought it would be good practice. Now I am really hooked and can't go a day without either posting or counting how many visits I've had to my blog!

4. If you had no pc or internet access for a month what would you do with the time?
See above! Apart from suffereing severe withdrawal symptoms, I think I would do a lot more reading. I used to read in all my spare time instead of being on the internet and blogging! I might do more housework and clean my car and would certainly do more gardening. On the other hand, I might spend all my time on the phone to BT pleading with them to restore my internet connection!

5. If someone gifted you with £500 that you had to spend within 24 hours what would you spend it on?
Clothes from somewhere more upmarket than Matalan!! Or, a weekend in Paris with Keith! Much more fun!



1 comment:

gemmak said...

My idea of work heaven, given that we need to work and retail is my work in a computer shop! The 'surprise party' attendee (is that a word?) arriving a week early is hilarious and I'll help you lose Tony Blair.
I remember car washing, somehow it never had the same addictive appeal as the internet did it! and designer clothing, do people still afford such garb? I consider myself to be doing well if I make it to 'Next' these days! hehe.

Thanks for playing :o)


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