Friday, June 18, 2004


History probably records more rows, arguments, divorces etc. caused by problems over computers than any other reason! If archevists were to trawl the innumerable historical records hidden away in dusty libraries and museums for accounts of disputes between women and the men in their lives, they would almost certainly discover the most common reason by far was to do with computers!
From early cave dwellers to viking invaders to mediaeval merchants to victorian entrepreneurs to your average modern day 'partners' - the question has resounded from the Outer Hebrides to Land's End (taking in North Wales on the way)....
Two hours ago, the refrain was picked up and hurled forth to resound in the environs of North Wales and thence to join its countless echoes in the ether of past generations.
(Well, something like that anyway!)
Never share a computer with an I.T. expert - especially the male of the species. If you do, your 'favourites' list will never be safe. It will disappear when he decides to replace Windows with Linux (Why???) It will vanish mysteriously when he changes the operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows 98 (Again - why???) It will cease to exist when he loads a new gizmo on the computer and your profile disappears.
(Why? Well, I answered yes to the question on the screen. What was the question? Dunno, didn't read it, did I?)
The solution to this problem? Have your own computer and never let him near it!!!
You have been warned!


Anonymous said...

You could try giving him driving lessons.

Sarah Millard said...

~Squeeeeeal!!!~ My first ever commenter (other than my mate Sian!) on my first ever blog, so am returning the favour!!

IT Experts are usually singleminded and rarely multitasking, a pair of points expertly executed before my very eyes when my machine "refused" in work a week last Thursday. It was interminably slow at page turning for Thursday and Friday (a network and therefore non-colleague-specific {eh?} problem) on Monday last, the IT god arrived ( and he IS a god, not a word against him...) and I left for a half day. On Tuesday, IT god had restored my main program, but nowt else worked so IT minions 1 and 2 arrive, crash machine completely, think each other has fixed all problems, a calm phone call later from me and machine is removed and replaced, then takes 3 minions another 24 hours to restore basic programs and IT god manages to get it completely perfect TODAY for goodness' sake!!! All fine now!!! Sadly back to work at full pelt!! And people in Merthyr wonder why their Housing Benfit is slow to materialise...


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