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Monday, May 31, 2004

Reflections of an overworked primary teacher

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At long last, after more years than I care to count in the world of primary education, I have been offered voluntary enhanced redundancy! Enhanced is important - it means a small cushion of money to allow me to explore other avenues. Voluntary - as one colleague remarked to me last week, "I have never seen anyone so keen to get out of a place!"
Not that I have always wanted to leave teaching - I still wouldn't if it was just teaching and not dealing with mountains of paperwork, accepting and managing constant change so that politicians can score points off each other (And you thought it was all done for the benefit of the children! Dream on!!)
Of course, there is also the fact that I now live in Wrexham but still commute to Liverpool each day - 2 hours drive time added to a busy day, getting up at 5.30 every morning to beat everyone else in the race to get over the Runcorn Bridge. Coming home on a Friday evening is the best - fighting off the caravan trail as the whole world decided to take off for North Wales for the weekend.
As I shall be leaving at the end of the summer term, (31 days - 30 and three quarters because we finish earlier on the last day - but, hey! who's counting!) I have negotiated with my long suffering head teacher that I needn't attend any more staff meetings - a welcome release as, guess what! it's time to revise the curriculum again. I sat through a recent staff meeting listening to the aforementioned head teacher extolling the virtues of a new idea - let's teach by linking different areas of the curriculum instead of teaching subjects separately. Silly really, but it just sounded awfully like topic based teaching which we employed in those heady years B.N.C. (Before National Curriculum) My imagination, I'm sure, after all, the H.T. did say this was NEW!!

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