Friday, August 04, 2006

New car - old radio

I have changed my car. No longer the elderly Audi Estate which was heavy on the juice and had started to burn oil, now I have a petite Peugeot 106 Graduate deisel. It's also fairly elderly but sports distinctive, decorative twirly bits on the sides. This is important. The Audi had CPU Direct Computers Ltd along each side so I was always able to find it quite easily in carparks when I had forgotten just where I had parked, so I am hoping that the twirly bits on the Peugeot will fulfil the same function.
Where I do have a slight problem is with the radio. It's there, loosely attached in its niche but it doesn't work. That's not the problem though, as Keith has another one to replace it which just needs decoding, which he will be able to do, when he gets round to it.
"The radio fell out when I went round a corner today," I remarked to Keith on the phone.
"It fell on my hand," I continued.
"But I can't take it out altogether because the wires are still attached," I persisted.
"Ah, there's something you can do about that," came the response.
I waited, wondering what the 'something' was likely to be. Cut the wires? Stop going round corners?
"Get a piece of card and fold it,"came the instructions.
I braced myself for possible technical instructions to follow.
"Then wedge it down the side of the radio and it won't slip out again," said Keith with the air of a man confident that he had produced the perfect solution.
"Actually, I would rather just have the new one fitted...SOON!"
"Oh, are you sure?" came the hurt tones of a disillusioned man.


Ellee Seymour said...

I imagine you to be a big music fan with your video zone, so I hope you are having a cd player fitted too, though I am a news junkie and could not exist without a radio.

I'm sure you will find your 106 much more economical.

Nice Enya video, btw.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Ellee. I am a Radio 4 fan generally but there will be a CD player for my music too.

krip said...

I find the radio so important when changing motors.
Mine is on all the time.
Going to work without Sarah Kennedy trilling away? Impossible.

Jennyta said...

Same here, Krip. I really miss it when I haven't got one.

Just Sue said...

News talk radio junkie here...I always want updates on news, weather and most importantly traffic conditions on my daily commute into the city.

Jonathan said...

To think...driving without a radio. How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

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