Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back at work

After the District Nurse's visit yesterday, Keith geared himself up, mentally and physically, we stowed the wheelchair in my car, stowed Keith in the passenger seat (he hates being driven!) and set off. It's only when you are in or pushing a wheelchair that you realise how wheelchair unfriendly a lot of places are. Outside the shop there are 'disabled' parking bays and slopes up to the shop level, but you need the fitness of an Olympic champion to get yourself up them and once there, make sure your wheelchair has impeccable steering, otherwise you are in danger of careering off the side.
Still, he managed it and tested the wheelchair friendliness of the shop itself - fine except for a couple of things which needed moving out of the way. After four hours, he was tired, naturally and was tucked up in bed before nine o'clock.
We're getting there!

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