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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Toilet/cottage for sale

This morning, I came across this article during my web-trawling.

It is a current trend to close public conveniences across North Wales, and other areas of the country, no doubt, because councils view it as a convenient way to save money. (You see what I did there?) This goes hand in hand with an expressed desire to encourage people for the rest of the world to visit Wales. One of the stated aims on this website is

'to adopt a customer-focused approach which understands and responds to market needs'.

Well, I don't know about you, but one of the things I view as pretty essential on a day out is somewhere reasonable to answer the call of nature and no, this does not include a hedge or nettle patch, which will be the only alternative in many places, if this policy of closing toilets continues. I have blogged before about the short-sighted custom of having public toilets closed on bank holidays, and that was back in 2004. At the current rate of closure, there will soon not be any left, open or closed, and that must surely have an impact on tourism and, as usual, it will be the disabled, elderly and people with children who will be hardest hit.

So, local councils of North Wales, what do you think people are going to do instead?

I leave it to your imagination, but the end result may not be pleasant!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I have a confession to make. Please do not inform the authorities. On more than one occasion I have been forced to urinate in a public place because of the lack of public conveniences - which as you say grows worse with each passing year. However, you will be pleased to learn that to commit this heinous crime I always seek out discreet places and so far I have not been caught!

Jenny Aspin said...

Well that's a relief, YP - on both counts. :)


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