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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Operation - or not

About sixteen years ago, I was 'threatened' with the possibility of a hysterectomy, but in the event, I only got a right salpingo-oophorectomy (Look it up!). However, there have been a few times in the intervening years when I have wished that the decision had been different, usually ever five or six years when I get uterine polyps. (Male readers should probably stop reading at this point!)
This year has presented me with the same symptoms again, necessitating an ultrasound which indicated the need for further investigation in the form of a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic.
When the nice lady from the hospital rang to arrange the appointment, I asked if it could be after Easter, to which she replied, "Well, you're down as a priority" which did, I don't mind admitting, fill me with a degree of alarm. So last week I went for my pre-op assessment and today, I should have been arriving at the hospital at 11.30 for the afternoon list.
On Monday, I had received another call, from the same nice lady, informing me that, instead of Mr xxxx, Mrs xxxxxxx would be doing the operation. Did I need a follow up letter? Not really, given the short time scale and the fact that we have had no post since last Thursday. I would be there as planned.
This morning, as I came in from climbing round the field with Paddy in the still-deep snow, I was greeted at the door by Keith with the phone in his hand, on the other end of which was another lady wondering why I was not at the hospital. 
It appears that Monday's caller had omitted to tell me that the change of surgeon also meant a change of list, from the afternoon to the morning!
As I had been told I could have a light breakfast before 7.30am, I had, so now I am told that I have a new appointment for next Wednesday - morning list.
In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge deal but I had to work hard to get even a grudging apology at the end of the phone call and that's a big part of my feeling of frustration this morning.  Quite apart from the fact that someone messed up, why oh why is it so difficult these days to get an apology from organisations, whoever they are? It costs nothing and would do much to soothe ruffled feelings in most cases.
Meanwhile, I shall get back to normal life for another week...


WendyCarole said...

If they apologise it means admitting they made a mistake.
Hope it all goes well when you get there.

Jennyta said...

Just what I thought, WendyCarole. :-)

Goldenoldenlady said...

" I'm so sorry" can suggest an admission of responsibility so call centre staff might be discouraged from that form of words, I agree. Unfortunately the fact it also can mean I am acknowledging your distress/irritation/disappointment etc is forgotten. That's the bit that upsets us more, I think. Our hurt feelings or inconvenience are not validated.

Sorry to read you have the dreaded polyps. I had one or two of the little beasties, treated by day surgery under GA as you describe, but elected for a hysterectomy for other reasons in 2006, so am untroubled by them now. Frequent recurrences such as you describe must be a sore trial, quite literally. Is a hysterectomy now not an available option? Can recommend; if so...

Aileen said...

Had a Total Hysterectomy some years ago now.....gave me a new lease of life, at the time. Had to look up your 'problem'.Hope you get some good results, and all goes well on the Day.

Aileen x

Helsie said...

How annoying! Hope the organisation is better next time and you can just get it over with and get on with enjoying your life. Best wishes.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Often official apologies take this form "We are sorry that you feel you have received poor service..." In other words - What are you moaning about you whingeing fusspot?
Sorry you have met with this health issue Jenny and I hope that things are sorted out soon so that you can move forward without worrying any more. Take care. N x

Jennyta said...

Thanks YP. And indeed, what am I wingeing about! Lots in a worse state than me.

ZACL said...

I feel your frustration Jennyta. I'd be totally wotsitated too. It is so hard to be assertive in the direct manner one can be, especially, when you also feel you need to be nice to keep the hospital staff on side. It's a hard act. You are remarkable!
I hope all goes well with the investigations.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, ZACL.

Katherine said...

It's hard to get all psyched up and then have the date changed. Still, at the time of writing, you are nearly there. All the best for a speedy recovery. I've heard it can be marvelous!


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