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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Elder Daughter found this little fellow while doing a clear out at her house over the weekend. This was her first teddy, made and given to her by my mum, who at the time, did a lot of soft toy making. He's looking rather worse for wear now but he is over thirty years old and got a lot handling in his early days, hence the loss of an eye and the almost disappearance of his nose. Hopefully, he will once more have pride of place somewhere in her house!


  1. All proper Teddy's have only one eye. My daughter's Teddy (also from her grandmother) has just one eye; her name is Mrs Pins (goodness knows why!).

  2. Will he have reconstructive surgery first, or will the battered look be preserved?

  3. Did elder daughter swallow the missing eye? Shouldn't you have been keeping a closer eye on her instead of chatting up the window cleaner... or was it the coalman?

  4. Lovely name, Cro. ;)
    SP, I will put that to her when I speak to her. Being a doctor, she may well comply!
    The coalman, YP? How old do you think I am???

  5. he looks well and truely loved. We have a ted with one eye he is called One Eyed Ted. Shaun brought him when we adopted him. He had two eyes then and I honestly don't know when the eye disappeared.

  6. Hi Jenny and Hi The One eyed Teddy with no name [shame-!!!] - How on earth your eldest daughter can part with him is beyond me however its pleasing to know he will have a ‘Pride of Place’ in his new abode. Jenny, keep him well and strong because when you reach middle age and older he will tell you many memorable stories you’ve forgotten I still have my teddy unfortunately having gone through a full washing machine cycle looks more like a tortoises now, if only he could talk: Go HERE for my Teddy Bear story - Mick

  7. Elder Daughter1/26/2012 07:17:00 pm

    He is called Big Ted and he's not going anywhere!

  8. Please add that Dad did the drawings full size so that Elder Daughter's Nana could cut out the patterns for the animals



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