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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine?

Here's some good news, a new, faster train service from Holyhead to Cardiff, noteworthy because the journey length will be four hours 17 minutes, which is nine whole minutes shorter than Y Gerallt Gymro service which runs in the morning.
Four hours, 17 minutes? I hesitate to say one could almost walk quicker, as this would add fuel to Keith's conviction that I am prone to exaggeration but, really, one could almost WALK quicker.
Still, at least we should be grateful that it is actually going to stop in Wrexham, which is not always the case with these services. But as there is only a single line section of track between Chester and Wrexham (Well, at one time, the welsh were not allowed inside Chester's walls after sundown, you know), the Holyhead to Birmingham service will now go via Crewe instead of Wrexham, which won't please Wrexham people wanting to go to Birmingham.
So, is this a cunning ploy to keep the welsh on their own side of Offa's Dyke or is Wales still struggling to hop into the 21st century. After all, here in Wales, we still don't do motorways.
Oh well, just off to get out the horse and cart...


flightplot said...

Train services in this country really are dreadful for this day and age! Flighty xx

Jennyta said...

Yes, and a lot more expensive to run than elsewhere in Europe, apparently, Flighty.


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