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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Watching TV

For some time now, Keith has been wittering on talking about getting a new, bigger television and I have been equally enthusiastic about not getting a new, bigger television. Our house is small, was my argument and I don't particularly want to have to sit on the stairs or out in the garden to watch telly, so I was quite happy with our 'compact' 20 inch TV.
However, the weekend visit to Kathy's reignited his wish to be the owner of a new, bigger television and, being as it is his birthday today, I finally gave in (cheap present on my part as he was paying!) and we popped down to PC World/Dixons/Curry's and, half an hour later, arrived back with a rather large package.
In no time at all (certainly a lot less time than the installation of the heated towel rail which was been waiting to be installed in the bathroom and still resides in the study - but don't let's be small-minded here), it was up and running.
"Of course, it is only a 32 inch," said Keith as he settled back to watch some boring war thingy, "Not as big as Kathy's."
"Oh, I'm sure it is," I said from out there on the stairs...


Sage said...

Oh dear, SOH decided we needed a bigger television than our 20 inch set and to be fair in the large living room that at the back of beyond it did look hopelessly small. Like you I didn't want to have to get too big a one and we ended up with a 42 in tv which at first seemed like a cinema screen. However 6 months on it now seems normal, so either I have adapted to the size or my eyesight is improving.. I have distance vision lol and sit as far away from it as possible.

Shooting Parrots said...

Our tellies get bigger every time we buy one -- we're up to 40". But didn't they last for years and years once upon a time? Now they're defunct after five years maximum.

Jennyta said...

You're not having to sit on the stairs, though, I hope, Sage!
SP, yes they did last for years. This one is only 32" but still feels very big to me.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

is it LED, plasma or LCD? LED is best. Nowadays it seems pretty hard to get say a 28" TV. Most people accept that their lives and homes must be dominated by large flat screens with loads of channels so that they can sit there like morons looking at other people's lives while their own lives are neglected. Shhh! I'm watching the telly.

Silverback said...

Well you know where I stand regarding big tv's. Yep, as far back as necessary !

Wish I had this 47" LCD beauty at home but my old tube and valve antique is still going strong and I can't quite justify getting colour, never mind flat screen.

Jennyta said...

YP, I wouldn't have a clue what it is but I will pass your comments on to Keith. ;)
Ian, I do indeed know where you stand regarding big TVs. This one is 32" so you would probably find it a bit small. :)

John Gray said...

our tv is a 10 inch from sainsburys
I would love a better tv ( for dvds) but it just wont fit!
hey ho

Jennyta said...

Put a big one in the hen house and sit in the kitchen to watch it, John. The hens would love it. ;)


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