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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The mystery of the lenses

Recently, I ordered a pair of distance glasses from here. I got a pair of glasses that I was very pleased with, with transition lenses and a second pair (basic) free and so I then decided to send my current frames to them for reglazing as reading glasses. They had previously been varifocals, used almost entirely for driving and never mistreated, thrown about, sat on or otherwise mishandled in any way and I had only had them for a year, but after my recent eye examination, I had decided I preferred separate reading and distance glasses.
So glasses were sent off and I waited. In due course, I had an email telling me that they were very busy but still hoped to have my glasses back to me within 14 days, then another one last Thursday, saying they were in the lab being reglazed. Yesterday, I had a curt phone call informing me that they had been unable to procede as the frame was damaged and the screw wouldn't hold. I pointed out that I had only had the frames for a year and they had always been looked after but got no response to this, merely an assurance that they would be returned to me and my money refunded.
This morning, said glasses were duly delivered by our friendly post-lady, and when I looked at them, one lens was already in place and the other, plus the screw was still loose in the case, but when I tried them on, the lenses were most definitely not mine, either old or new prescription. These were far stronger than mine, so I range them up and ...
got nowhere.
The basic message was, 'Well, you're getting your money back, so what is your problem, we may possibly have put the wrong lenses in but we are not admitting to that and it is such a rare occurrence as to be beyond consideration.'
This is a company which apparently sets great store by customer reviews; I had two emails from them inviting mine after my first order but, for the record, Glasses Direct, this time, you didn't step up to the mark and I have now ordered my reading glasses elsewhere.
The thought has also occurred to me that my frames were actually broken by you, as I know they were in good condition when I sent them in packaging provided by you. Of course, I can't prove that, but it would have been nice for you to come clean.

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